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The Son of Getron

A medieval liturgical drama

Performed by


Vera Kochanowsky, director

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Armonia Nova

Constance Whiteside, director

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St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Washington DC

December 6, 2002 performance

December 1 dress rehearsal

Euphrosina and consolers

Getron's household praises St. Nicholas for son Adeodatus, their "Gift from God"

Getron and Euphrosina at table

Getron and Euphrosina at table


Getron's household

Euphrosina and consolers pray after Adeodatus is taken captive

Getron and Euphrosina mourning

Getron and Euphrosina lament the loss of their son

Serving the cleric (1) Serving the cleric (2) Serving the cleric (3)

Euphrosina's maidservants show kindness to a wandering cleric

Getron's household through quatrefoil

Getron's household at prayer


Ministers and Adeodatus serve Marmorinus

Far away, Adeodatus and ministers do the bidding of King Marmorinus

Getron consoles Euphrosina while Adeodatus labors

Getron bids Euphrosina to pray to St. Nicholas for their faraway son

Marmorinus's banquet

The banquet of King Marmorinus

King Marmorinus

Marmorinus, servant of Apollo


Defiant in his obedience, Adeodatus defends his Christian faith

St. Nicholas rescues Adeodatus from servitude

Time stops as St. Nicholas miraculously appears

St. Nicholas and Adeodatus
Adeodatus greets the cleric

The return home: a royal chalice confirms the miracle

Cleric praises the miracle before Getron and Euphrosina

The recipient of their kindness tells Euphrosina and Getron of the wonder


Constance at the harp

Constance Whiteside at the harp

Narrator and Armonia nova

Kerry Wingell prepares to narrate; Armonia Nova plays

The cast and Vera

Vera with the cast

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